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Are address book-sourced CRMs obsolete?

water-glass-medA CRM without fresh contacts is like plumbing without a water supply – what’s the point?

Still, thousands of companies invest $ millions to purchase and maintain their CRM systems – only to source those CRMs with contacts from user address books.

Yet most users don’t save contacts to their address books – most simply go “dumpster diving” in their email inboxes looking for the email that contains the signature contact they’re looking for.

Those few users that do bother to save their contacts rarely update them in a timely way.

And how do you update contacts? How do you know if a contact is five minutes old…or five years? How can you determine which of two contacts is most current?

For all that money spent on CRMs, it truly is a “garbage in = garbage out” proposition.

gwabbit is transforming contact capture and management. Its gwabbit Enterprise Server turns CRM contact capture on its head by automatically sourcing signature contacts sourced from the enterprise email feed. Originally developed for Skadden Arps, gES sources and updates hundreds of thousands of fresh, high-value contacts to the enterprise CRM and ERM, dramatically leveraging the enterprise’s investment in its knowledge management systems.

With its companion product, Contact Management Console (CMC), gwabbit compares captured contacts against CRM content, identifying new contacts, update candidates, and duplicates. Its Data Quality Management console streamlines contact additions and updates. CMC’s social network “auto-find” feature automatically locates contacts on LinkedIn, streamlining research. Finally, CMC provides executive reports on emails processed, new contacts captured, as well as updates and duplicates.

The heart of the gwabbit enterprise solution is its Enterprise Server. gES automatically harvests signature contacts from all inbound enterprise emails. How many contacts? One gES customer captured over 30,000 high value contacts in its first hour of operation!

gES contacts are deposited into a DBMS, which is bridged to the enterprise CRM via gwabbit’s Contact Management Console. CMC compares captured contacts against the CRM and offers powerful Data Quality Management tools, reporting, as well as remarkable new DQM routing and filtering capabilities.

This powerful suite of contact capture and management tools completely transforms the way that contacts are sourced to CRMs, as well as the way they are kept current. gwabbit enterprise solutions have effected a paradigm shift in contact management, dramatically boosting the value of CRM content for business development initiatives. Contacts = money, and gwabbit enterprise solutions provide more and better contacts for enterprise CRMs. CRMs will never be the same.

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